Distinguished Dolphin Assemblies

Assemblies are always on Tuesdays

1st and 3rd= 8:15am
Kinder and 2nd= 9:00am
4th thru 6th = 9:45am


Commitment and Respect-8/17 thru 9/22 – Assembly on 9/22/15

Commitment: Being committed to their learning, preserving and showing self discipline and responsibility.

Respect: Respecting themselves others and the world around them.


Empathy and Appreciation -9/23 thru 11/24/15 – Assembly on 11/24/15

Empathy: -Imaginatively projecting themselves into another situation in order to understand his or her thoughts, reasoning and emotions.

Appreciation: Appreciating the wonder /beauty of the world and its people.


Cooperation and Curiosity – 11/25 thru 1/12/16-Assembly on 1/12/16

Cooperation: Cooperating, collaborating and leading or following as the situation demands.

Curiosity: Being curious about the about the nature of learning and the world and its people.


Tolerance and Enthusiasm- 1/13 thru 2/23 Assembly on 2/23/16

Tolerance: Feeling sensitivity towards differences and diversity in the world and being responsive to the needs of others.


Integrity and Creativity -2/24 thru 4/26- Assembly on 4/26/16

Integrity: Having integrity and a firm sense of fairness and honesty.

Creativity- Being creative and imaginative in their thinking and in their approach to problems and dilemmas.


Confidence and Independence 4/27 thru 5/31- Assembly on 5/31/16

Confidence: Feeling confident in their ability as learners, having the courage to take risks, applying what they have learned and making appropriate decisions.

Independence: Thinking and acting independently, making their own judgments based on reasoned principals and being able to defend their judgments.