Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PTA?

The PTA is a nonprofit run by parent volunteers to build community among our parents, students, staff, and faculty and to raise money for Ocean Knoll Elementary.


What is the EEF?

The Encinitas Educational Foundation (EEF) is a nonprofit devoted to enriching the educational experience for students in the Encinitas Union School District (EUSD). Each school in the District can raise money through EEF for its own school site.


Does the PTA Compete With the EEF?

No. PTA and the EEF complement each other and work together to raise funds and pay for programs at school.


Where Does PTA money raised at Ocean Knoll go?

All PTA funds support Ocean Knoll programs such as support music, Spanish, garden, nutrition, art, and science.


How is the money distributed?

The PTA works with the Principal and staff to determine the financial needs for school programs. The PTA members vote to approve PTA expenditures for programs such as Spanish, music, and art. The School Site Council (SSC) meets to vote on disbursement of funds.


What is School Site Council (SSC)?

School Site Council (SSC) is a committee formed of parents, certificated staff, and classified staff. It is overseen by the principal and meets a minimum of 6 times a year  to oversee discretionary school budgets and spending. Parents are nominated and elected to serve on the council for two-year terms.