Family Wellness

Designed to improve the overall health of students and parents at Ocean Knoll


Our main goal is to create a safe and fun environment for children and their parents to exercise together before school. The program consists of walking, running, biking, yoga and health education.

Each day before school, from 7:30 to 8:00, tickets will be handed out to participating children and parents:

  • 1 per lap around the track

  • 3 for yoga (Tuesday and Thursday in the MPR)

  • 3 for walking/biking to school (collect tickets in front of school by the flag pole)

Incentives and Responsibilities for Children and Parents:

Students are responsible for collecting their own tickets. They should place their tickets in the envelope provided by the school. At the end of each month, the assigned classroom parent volunteer will assist in tallying tickets.

Students have the opportunity to collect all five wellness awards by the end of the school year through active participation in the daily program:

  • 50 tickets=ACTIVE Yellow wristband/ Ocean Knoll sticker

  • 250 tickets=HEALTHY Red wristband/Ocean Knoll hat

  • 500 tickets=MOTIVATED wristband Light blue wristband/Ocean Knoll wellness T-shirt

  • 750 tickets=STRONG Dark blue wristband/ Ocean knoll wellness club Sweatshirt

  • 1000 tickets= FIT Gold wristband/ Gift certificate to local recreational center